Center for Space Engineering Industry Day
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eccles Conference Center

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8:00 AM Check-In / Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome
Dr. Charles Swenson
8:45 AM History of Space Engineering in Utah
Dr. Doran Baker
9:25 AM Ground Station for TOROID
Karl Burk
9:45 AM TOROID Hardware & Real-time Software Architecture
Jared Crace & Paul Rodriguez
10:05 AM USUSat Attitude Control
Scott Jensen
10:25 AM Break
10:45 AM Spacecraft Charging
Aroh Barjatya
11:05 AM Design of a Flap System for Reentry Trim Control for CEV
Ben Andersen
11:25 AM Propulsion Systems Integration into an Aero-assist Orbital Transfer Vehicle
Patrick Jolley
11:45 AM Lunch / Poster Viewing
1:15 PM Reentry Air Data System for a Sub-Orbital Spacecraft Based on X-34 Design
Joel Ellsworth
1:35 PM Hand Held Texel Camera Development
Brandon Boldt
1:55 PM Advance Aerospace Structures and Rapid Manufacturing
Chris Robinson
2:15 PM Calibration Targets
Denton Johnson
2:35 PM Break
2:55 PM Power Self Test on Modular Spacecraft Panels
Anand Madhusoodanan
3:15 PM Navigation and Guidance Analysis for Lunar Powered Descent
Travis Moesser
3:35 PM Comparison of Two Navigation and Guidance Techniques for Orbital Rendezvous
Scott Jenkins
3:55 PM Closing Remarks
Dr. Charles Swenson
4:10 PM Reception
5:25 PM Conclude

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Scott Budge                              Dr. Brent Stucker
Dr. Brandon Eames                        Dr. Charles Swenson
Dr. Stephen Whitmore                    Dr. David Geller
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