2007 Industry Day Posters

Advances in the design and performance of Langmuir probes and Plasma Impedance Probes built at Utah State University

Aroh Barjatya


Aerodynamic Trim Control on a Lunar Return Capsule Using Flaps

Ben M. Andersen


The Center for Advanced Satellite Manufacturing

Chris Robinson and Josh George


Comparison of GUVI 135.6nm OI Radiance Observations with Outputs from Global Atmospheric Models

Jaya Shankar


Design of Edge-Coupled Band-pass Filters for GPS Front-End Receivers

Srinidhi Kaveri


Handheld Texel Camera

Brandon Boldt


Impedance Probe Analysis of Ionospheric Properties Using a Finite Difference Time Domain Model ( SM13A-0350)

Sriram Sridharan


Infrared Calibration Targets

Denton Johnson


A Model Based Toolset for Supporting Rapid Integration and Verification of Spacecraft Electronics

Anand S. Madhusoodanan


Navigation & Guidance Linear Covariance Analysis for Lunar Powered Descent

Travis Moesser


Propulsion Systems Integration into an Aero-Assist Orbital Transfer Vehicle

Patrick Jolley


Radiometric Simulation Enhancements and Validation

Brad Leishman


Rapid Manufacturing at Utah State University and Ultrasonic Consolidation

Chris Robinson


Reentry Air Data System for a Sub-orbital Spacecraft Based on X-34 Design

Joel Ellsworth


Relative Angles Only Orbit Determination Using Gauss’s Method

Bryan Bingham


State Estimation and Targeting for Autonomous Spacecraft Rendezvous and Proximity Operations

Scott Jenkins


Testing of Composite Materials for Use in Pressure Vessels in a Cryogenic Environment

Dan Swenson


TOROID Attitude Determination and Control

Scott Jensen


TOROID Hardware and Real-Time Software Architecture

Paul Rodriguez and Jared Crace


Toroid Overview

Blair Leonard


Vehicle Integrated Sensor Suite for Targeting Applications (VISSTA)

Ken Frederickson


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