2006 Industry Day Posters

Analysis of the Dayside Equatorial Anomaly

Jaya Shankar, Henry Coakley, Dr. Charles Swenson, and Dr. Todd Moon

Applying Advanced Design and Manufacturing Techniques to Satellites

Brent Stucker, Charles Swenson, and Pat Patterson

Autonomous Optical Navigation at Jupiter

Dr. David K. Geller and Nathan B. Stastny

LIDAR Assisted Rendezvous and Docking

Dr. R. Rees Fullmer, Dr. Robert T. Pack, and Ronald Fenton

Simulation of an Integrated Ladar System

Utah State University: Robert Pack (PI), Scott Budge, Rees Fullmer, Rob Henry, Shaun Ashby, Seth Young, Ben Call, Brad Leishman, and Dave Omer
NAVAIR: Brad Peterson and Dave Saunders

TOROID: An FUV Photometer for Tomographic Observations of the Ionosphere

J. Salmon, C.M. Swenson, and T. Moon

Tropical Storm Sounding Rocket Campaign

Jason Bingham, Timothy Campbell, Jessica Gregory, Mike Holt, Albert Hummel, Wayne Sanderson, and Dr. Charles Swenson

Ultrasonic Consolidation Applied to Spacecraft Structures

Chris Robinson, Josh George, and Dr. Brent Stucker

Utah State Sounding Rocket CHIMAERA

Paul Mueller III, David Omer, and Shannon Eilers

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