Ultrasonic Consolidation

    Ultrasonic Consolidation Enables the Fabrication of Advanced Satellite Panels and Modules
  • Embed electronics, wiring, sensors, fibers and other functional devices within a fully dense aluminum structure
  • Improve quality and reliability through increased automation
  • Shorter lead times due to the inherent digital reconfigurability

Ultrasonic sonsolidation uses a sonotrode to apply pressure to two mating surfaces while ultrasonically vibrating one of the surfaces. In the case of aluminum, this vibration breaks up and displaces contaminants such as oxides. Without the presence of the contaminants, and with modest pressure on the two surfaces, the atomically clean surfaces join to create a true metallurgical bond without melting. By repeating the process over and over again with aluminum tape about 0.006 inches thick, it is possible to build a three dimensional structure from the bottom up. Solidica has integrated the ultrasonic consolidation process into a machine that also acts as a computer numerically controlled milling machine. Because features may be machined into the deposited tapes and subsequently covered with more layers, it is possible to create parts with internal features. This also opens the possability of embedding different devices.