Thermal Capabilities

  • Embedded Thermal Control
  • Heat pipes
  • Heaters
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Thermal Switches
  • High Conductivity materials
  • Phase Change Materials

Embedded Thermal Components

Current Work

Heat Pipes
  • High capacity in small package
  • Preliminary feasibility study complete
    • Flat geometries
    • Sample heat pipe geometry successfully manufactured
  • Detailed design phase just beginning
    • Predict heat pipe performance
    • Evaluate designs
    • Porosity and sealant
    • Filling apparatus

Copper Enhanced Face Sheets
  • Excellent bonding between copper and aluminum
  • Copper tapes can be interspersed throughout a layer to anisotropically enhance conductivity
  • Copper patch embedded beneath component acts as a doubler



Future Work

Capillary Pumped Loop
cappilary pumped loop
Flexible Heaters
flexible heaters
Surface Coatings
surface coatings
Thermal Electric Coolers
thermoelectric cooler