Multi Material Structures

Structural properties can be improved by embedding materials:

  • Piezoelectric stiffeners
  • Viscoelastic vibration dampers
  • Stiff or high strength materials


Materials Successfully Bonded to Al 3003 at USU:
  1. SST-(316, 347, & mesh)
  2. Copper
  3. Brass
  4. Nickel -(201& 600)
  5. Al 2024 T3
  6. MetpregŪ (pure Al with aluminum oxide fibers)

The Aluminum flowed around the SST Mesh making a very good bond.

Al 2024 T3 bonded to Al 3003 H18 very well

MetpregŪ Embedded in Aluminum

Two layers of 201 Nickel bonded perfectly and embedded in Aluminum

Three layers of Brass deposited on top of Aluminum