Vehicle Integrated Sensor Suite

Optical Sensor Suite
   for sensor fusion studies

Sensors include the eye-safe ladar test-bed (ELT) instrument, a millimeter wave radar, and an infrared camera.  The ELT also includes an imager for visible wavelengths, called a Texel Camera.  These can all be pointed and operated on the van platform.


Custom Van Body
   electronics rack, control station and creature    comforts

The rack contains the electronic equipment used for control of the sensor bench and suite of sensors.  The electronics are shock resistant and are cooled by AC equipment.  A UPS allows a graceful shut down in the event of a power failure.  Creature comforts, including
a microwave and fridge, make long stints of data collection more bearable.

Sensor Bench
   controls and measures gross sensor orientation and position

A manually positioned, motorized platform controls the orientation of the suite of sensors relative to the van. A precision GPS/IMU position and orientation system senses the motion of the bench and allows geopositioning of acquired data.

vissta equipmentSolid Steel Breadboard