Handheld Texel Camera

Prototype and Product Development


This document describes the implementation and successful demonstration of a handheld mobile Texel Camera by the Center for Advanced Imaging Ladar (CAIL). A proof of concept demonstration which generated textured three dimensional models using the Canesta flash Lidar development system and a Micron CMOS camera development board has led to an integrated prototype.

Canesta Sensor

The flash Lidar sensor used was developed and manufactured by a company called Canesta. It is a CMOS chip which is capable of resolving range information from a modulated Laser source. The sensor we used contains 64 by 64 pixel elements meaning that it generates a 64 x 64 range image simultaneous at multiple frames per second. Canesta now manufactures a higher resolution sensor which also has better range resolution. A short non-technical description of their sensor is included in the appendix.

CMOS Sensor

The CMOS sensor used is manufactured by Micron Technologies. It is a 1280 x 1024 CMOS image sensor packaged into a standalone development board. This sensor is not unique in that various alternate sensors could be used to satisfy the requirement.

Proof of Concept

In order to prove the feasibility of this idea and to demonstrate the concept, a proof of concept experiment was designed. The Canesta development kit was used to capture the point cloud for some boxes that were placed against a textured wall. The CMOS camera was then set up so that its nodal point coincided with the nodal point of the Canesta camera in the previous experiment and visual imagery was obtained. The visual texture data was then warped and mapped onto the 3D point cloud. This demonstration produced results that would be similar to having the two cameras co-aligned and co-boresighted and images captured simultaneously. The resulting 3D model was rendered in VRML and can be displayed in any browser with a VRML plug-in. Figure 1 below shows a couple of screenshots from the VRML browser.

Figure 1:  Screenshots of VRML 3D model

Prototype and Product Development

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